The Time Traveller: Ramses II and the Battle of Kadesh

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Caius Zip, The Time Traveller – book series


Author: Regina Goncalves

               112 pages




Caius Zip, the young time traveller, appears in Ancient Egypt and learns geometry with the great pharaoh Ramses II, his lovely wife Nefertari, an Egyptian architect and a Greek philosopher.

During this learning experience, Caius matures and realizes that one of the most valuable treasures of the Egyptian civilization was Mathematics. Caius is shocked to discover that the Egyptians considered Mathematics essential in their daily lives, to build monuments and buildings, to prepare the field for sowing, and during battles to organize the troops and prepare traps. In this way, Mathematics is a living, dynamic science created by men according to their social needs that can be learned without causing panic or fear.

In the battle of Kadesh, Caius helps Ramses to build traps against the Hittite army based on calculations of area and volume. These chapters fully integrate the disciplines of Mathematics and History, and even a little Philosophy, into the wisdom of ancient Egypt that enables Caius to mature. The end of the book contains a very original biography in the form of imaginary memories of the pharaoh, and there is also a section of photographs and interesting information on Ancient Egypt.

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Date : 13 dez 2015

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