The Time Traveller: Mathematics – What beast is this?

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Caius Zip, The Time Traveller – book series

Author: Regina Goncalves

               192 pages


Caius Zip is a teenager who, like so many others, is in conflict. His life seems doomed to boredom until the day that he disappears into thin air during a private maths class. Caius was chosen to travel in time for a very special reason. He must tackle mysteries, adventures, fun and, above all, confront his greatest fear – the monster of mathematics!

In order to do this, he must first learn to use his greatest ability, which he inadvertently uses very well: the power of deduction! In addition to the fun-packed chapters, this book has an educational approach and each story is interpreted according to important mathematical concepts, such as power, divisibility, prime numbers, highest common divisor, least common multiple, fractions, decimal numbers, periodic fractions, measurement units, percentages and first order equations.

This book is fictional literature, but it also provides support for teaching mathematics in a practical and playful manner. It is inserted in a constructive process that allows the reader to assimilate logical and mathematical reasoning. If you also think that mathematics is a seven-headed monster, an unsolvable enigma, then you cannot miss this adventure of Caius Zip against the beast of mathematics.

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Date : 13 dez 2015

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