The Time Traveller: Napoleon Bonaparte in Russia

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Caius Zip, The Time Traveller – book series


Author: Regina Goncalves

160 pages


Caius Zip, the young time traveller, witnesses the invasion of the French army under the command of the legendary Napoleon, in the city of Moscow.

Caius accidentally saves Napoleon from a attempt against his life, and later meets princess Natasha and her son Ivan. Caius Zip attends a dinner during which there is a memorable dialogue between Napoleon, with his determined and compelling personality, his faithful marshal Ney and, on the Russian side, the patriotic princess, Natasha.

Over dinner, Caius listens, captivated, to the stories told by Napoleon himself, on his strategies and achievements up to the moment of the invasion of Moscow. After crossing a vast forest with Ivan, Caius meets the prudent Russian commander-in-chief Kutuzov, who retreats and makes things more difficult for the invaders by cutting their supply lines and striking continuously with guerrilla tactics until the arrival of his greatest ally: general winter. Kutuzov has his reasons for refusing frontal combat with Napoleon. The information provided by his spies combined with simple calculations that armed him with the confidence he needed to resist the pressure of those who wanted definitive combat, forcing the Russian army to risk total devastation.

Caius learns a valuable lesson on strategy and a notable human virtue with the Russian marshal: patience!

At the end, the book includes a highly original biography in the form of imaginary memories of Napoleon.


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Date : 17 dez 2015

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