The Time Traveller: Hannibal and Archimedes

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 Caius Zip, The Time Traveller – book series


Author: Regina Goncalves

418 pages

Caius Zip, the time traveller, appears on the coast of Cartago during a shipwreck. Caius is impressed by the advancements of that splendid civilization. The great general, Hannibal, is fighting the Romans and Caius is sent by a quinquerreme warship with his new friends to help Hannibal in Italy. Caius will listen to Hannibal´s stories of battles and realize that he is a true genius in the planning of war.

Before the battle of Cannae, Caius plays Epyskiros, a dangerous ancestor of our football, and falls in love with a beautiful Celtiberian warrior. In Cannae, Caius learns that war is, in fact, a monstrosity when he loses friends and witnesses a scene from hell of 80 thousand fallen soldiers in a matter of hours.

Then, Hannibal sends Caius to Syracuse to help Archimedes with his great inventions. Sent to Alexandria to rescue Archimedes, Eratosthenes, the librarian of Alexandria, and Apollonius, the great geometrician, are unfortunately too late. Archimedes leaves the apparently unsolvable enigma for the two men to figure out, but it is solved with the help of Caius.

Eratosthenes and Apollonius take Caius to Alexandria where he meets a delegation of wise men who have fled from China, under the rule of emperor Qin Shi Huang, and watches, perplexed, an exhibition of the fantastic planetarium designed by Archimedes. A fascinating journey to the great ancient civilizations.

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Date : 18 dez 2015

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