The Time Traveller: Einstein, Picasso, Agatha & Chaplin

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 Caius Zip, The Time Traveller – book series


Author: Regina Goncalves

292 pages

Caius Zip appears in Paris of 1905 and witnesses a murder. Caius ends up in a boarding house where he meets Agatha Christie and Charlie Chaplin, both of which are 16 years old, and Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso, 25 years old. Caius will need their help to solve the murder mystery.

Agatha, a charming and timid young girl, uses her rational mind to investigate the crime, and Chaplin, with his talent for pantomime, admires the cinema of Méliès from its very beginning. Einstein explains the theory of relativity in a way that is very easy to understand.

Amazingly, he perceives science as something that is closely connected to unlimited imagination. Einstein, Picasso and other interesting people discuss the fourth dimension and how the same principles affect science and art. Picasso has his first ideas on breaking free from the conventional perspective.

An interesting and fun way to understand these great minds and realize that art and science are made from the same matter: imagination and passion!

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Date : 18 dez 2015

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