The Time Traveller Tutankhamun

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Caius Zip, The Time Traveller – book series

Author: Regina Goncalves

172  pages — 2020

Year: 1922 Location: Egypt

Caius Zip, the time traveller, roams aimlessly through the desert. The unbearable heat is gradually erasing his memory. Rescue appears, taking him to a safe place. There, he meets Howard Carter, who is about to make the greatest discovery of all time: the tomb of Tutankhamunn! The group of explorers is not alone; thieves are searching for the treasure that the sands of time have hidden from humanity. It is a deadly race against time and we will find out who gets there first: the men who dream of unveiling the knowledge of the ancient Egyptians or the thieves who only want to get their hands on the gold and trick their partners. Will Caius be able to unravel the secrets of Tutankhamun?


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Date : 22 set 2017

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