The Time Traveller: The Phantom of the Opera Carmen

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 Caius Zip, The Time Traveller – book series

Author: Regina Goncalves

198 pages

You and Caius Zip will uncover the mystery in Paris, 1885. The characters will be on the stage of the Opera of Paris and in rehearsals, watching and participating in the staging of the Bizet’s opera, Carmen. 

Behind the scenes, a phantom lurks. But is he from the opera? Murders take place that you and Caius, together with the young H. G. Wells and Sherlock Holmes, must solve by using deduction. Many others will be involved in this mystery and suspense plot. The entire cast of the opera will concentrate on performing the whole four acts of Carmen and will do what is in their power to lift those curtains, facing the fear and uncertainty of the final outcome. 

In the meantime, impressionist art will show the extent in which it is interrelated with science. How? Read about the meeting at Monet’s house with the painters Van Gogh, Degas, Renoir, Cezanne, Lautrec, Rodin, Berth Morisot and the participation of Sherlock, Wells and Caius that, like the great painters, will add their own brushstrokes to the discussion on creative forms of time travel.

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Date : 18 dez 2015

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