The Time Traveller: The Emperor and the journalist Koseritz

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 Caius Zip, The Time Traveller – book series


Author: Regina Goncalves

208 pages


n 1885, Caius Zip, the time traveller, encounters the journalist and German immigrant,Carl von Koseritz, and his talented daughter, Caroline. Together, they set up an exclusive interview with Emperor Dom Pedro II.

The presence of the time traveller, with his observations and straight forward questions, typical of a present-day adolescent boy, prompts the reader to reflect on the centenarian problems of Brazil that affect Brazilian society to this day. Prior to the interview, Caius Zip, Caroline and the journalist visit Rio de Janeiro and Petropolis and experience unforgettable moments and adventures.

There is a memorable encounter between the journalist and his two young assistants and the writer Machado de Assis, the composer Chiquinha Gonzaga and the poet Cruz e Souza, during which they discuss slavery and the situation of women in society.

Another remarkable moment is the meeting with the intellectual Rui Barbosa, who discusses his theories on education for Brazil with Caius, which were misunderstood in that period. In a combination of fiction and reality, this book stimulates teachers and students to discuss the topics of the interview in class, namely related to immigration, culture, education, development, drought in the north-east, war, slavery and freedom of speech. At the end of the book, there are creative biographies of Dom Pedro II, the journalist and his daughter.


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Date : 18 dez 2015

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