A native of Rio de Janeiro, he is the author of books published
in Portugal and Brazil: “O Beco do Pânico” (The Alley of Panic), which received the Seal of Recommendation of the National Reading Plan;
“A cadeira que queria ser sofá” (The chair that wanted to be a sofa); and the play “A fantástica aventura do devasso que virou santo” (The fantastic adventure of the libertine that became a saint) – about St. Augustine. “The Alley of Panic” was also released in Brazil. In Theatre, he acts as author, director, and teacher. His play “Se chovesse, vocês estragavam todos” (If it rained, you would all go bad), co-authored by Tania Pacheco, received the Government of São Paulo State Award / Best Text and was staged in several countries. He was the Director of the National Center of Studies in Performing Arts in Funarte. He was also the Director of the Theater Directing School, in Ceará. For television, he wrote the series “O Bem Amado” (The Well Loved), the miniseries “DNA” and the sitcoms “Mandacaru” and “O Todo Poderoso” (The Almighty). He stayed for eleven years in Portugal as part of the team that implemented the Theatre College Course at the Escola Superior de Educação de Coimbra (ESEC – The Education College of Coimbra), where he was Course Principal and Theatre Coordinator. Back in Brazil, he is a professor at Faculdade CAL de Artes Cênicas (The Performing Arts College – CAL), in Rio de Janeiro. Clovis is the Director, along with Pamela Jean, of the group Carretel de Histórias (Story Reels).


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