Book Sandwich

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Author:  Paula Novaes

Illustrator: Pedro sarmento

32 pages


Book Sandwich! It’s nutritional! Delicious! It nourishes, and encourages inside growth with no fattening! Made for creative children, try it out!
Now available in book format,the show which has been delighting children in many literary spaces, with great success. Following the idea that books are essential food for the development of children’s thinking, the actress Paula Novaes created the character of Ms. Booksnooper, a Book Sandwich chef. In the show, Ms. Booksnooper treats books as sensible creatures who need children to be opened, read and understood.To Ms. Booksnooper this is the only way to make the heart of a book beat. The Book Sandwich has already opened the appetite of readers with different ages, making very special such encounters with the public.

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Date : 13 dez 2015

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