Regina has a degree in mathematics and systems analysis but decided not to pursue her profession in order to dedicate her time to teaching her daughters and other adolescents. She wrote textbooks with stories that combined the study of history with mathematics.

As these stories expanded, Regina found herself dedicating more and more of her time to writing and eventually completed a series of books about the young “Caius Zip – The Time Traveller,” for young readers and adults who are still young at heart.

Her works of fiction always aim at providing information and arousing the reader’s curiosity concerning matters of world history, art, philosophy and science. Mathematics has always been present in the solution of enigmas, and decision making in epic battles and during the investigation of a mystery.



  1. Dom Pedro II and the journalist Koseritz
    Compact Version

Rights sold in China

       2 Santos Dumont – Flight is for everyone

Rights sold in China

        3 Hannibal and Archimedes 

Rights sold in China

         4  Einstein Picasso Agatha and Chaplin

(Available in english and french)

Rights sold in South Korea and China

          5  The Phantom of the Opera Carmen

                (Music Art Science and e Mystery)

Rights sold in China

           6  Alexander and Aristotle

Rights sold in China

            7 Napoleon Bonaparte in Russia

                        ( Available in english)

Rights sold in China

              8 Ramses II and the Battle of Kadesh

                  – Learning Geometry with the great Pharaoh

(Available in english and french)

Rights sold in China

                9 Mathematics – What beast is this? 

Rights sold to South Korea and China


Children’s Book for of all ages:

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